FRA Airport

How to "Waste" Time at FRA

When I have some time to “waste”, I love to “waste” it by doing something productive. What you witness here, is segment of me “wasting” my time at FRA AIRPORT.

There are moments in someone’s life where you take certain actions without noticing. In my case I needed to capture a scene so  others would see what I saw. Sometimes we witness a synchronicity of events where time and space run parallel to one another. They follow the same rhythm and project in front of your eyes, the most perfect combination of images in a single sequence. If you’re fast enough you can capture the event in 25 fps ( Frames per Second). I have to admit though, most of the time I’m not fast enough to out my device and capture this magical, perfect and beautiful moment in time Maybe I should work on my skills and become the faster.

FRA Frankfurt: the transit flight

I was on a return flight transfer from FRA (Frankfurt am Main Airport) to MXP (Milano Malpensa). While walking towards my Gate, I noticed a situation and, with thinking, I took my iPhone 5s and started recording in 16:9.

The Clip

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“It relaxes me every time I watch it.”

When I saw that beautiful airplane typography sticked on the parking airplane I new back then which mood I wanted to give to the video during the editing process. 

A lot of contrast to make all passengers as shadows and make what was happening outside of an airport the most important and beautiful thing. That’s where the real action happens not indoor.

While writing this post I’m listening to Pink FloydOn The Run” from the album “The Dark side of the Moon”  released 1973. This is the best example of synchronism. 

Stay Synchronised, Stay Always On The Hunt!

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