Fish Flash


Fish from "fish & flash"
Flash from "fish & flash"

Fish Flash were found in a box, at the corner of an old attic room dominated by dust. On top of the box three words: “DO NOT OPEN!

After so many years in captivation, Fish Flash burst out into the real world. Since they had a fascination for movies, they decide to reenact their favourite scenes.

“I am a big Fish fan, he is the best!”
K. Buckley

This project started on a winter month in 2012. The idea was to bring to live to puppets using exclusively a Blue Screen. Personally I never had these kind of experience but I learned a lot by filming and then editing so I could understand the concepts. I believe in Learning by Doing.

These are some tests we worked on. 

I remember how much fun Marco and I had while setting up the most important part of the project, which is the studio Lighting and understanding how much effort one has to invest in order  to create something as simple as Fish Flash.

For more clips view our Journal 🙂

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